Initiative For Financial Wellbeings Wellbeing Café Lunchtime Webinar 8th September 2020 by Financial Psychology Institute Europe®


The Initiative for Financial Wellbeings (IFW) Wellbeing Café is a great place to discover what Financial Wellbeing is all about, share your experiences and broaden your network. Their  first event takes place on 8th September 2020 and is being delivered by The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® The Initiative for Financial Wellbeing, ( IFW), is for members of the financial advice, financial planning and financial coaching community who want to improve their client’s financial wellbeing by helping them become happier not just wealthier. (if you’re not a member then please join them here ).

Bring along a coffee, visit the Wellbeing Café for the  lunchtime webinar on 8th September at 14.00 pm CEST ( 13.00 pm British Time), where the Financial Psychology Institute Europe®, Anne Abbenes will tell you all about ‘How to Apply Financial Psychology in a Financial Advice Practice’.  You will learn the following 

  • Identifying the programming of the brain regarding money & financial decision making
  • Describe the two perspectives of helping clients build and maintain financial health
  • Describe inhibitors of client communication
  • Awareness of what skill is crucial to helping clients and why
  • Describe an intervention to explore your money memory

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