The EU Money Taboo

The EU Money Taboo Why is talking about money such a taboo? Date of publication: March 8, 2021 on MAX TV Network : Money, Law & Labour  Many Dutch prefer not to share with each other what is deposited into the bank account every month. Talking about money is a...
EU Moneyscripts

EU Moneyscripts

EU Moneyscripts Coming soon the big EU Moneyscript ©, Financial Wellbeing, Financial Fragility & Financial Literacy study with Meghaan Lurtz Kansas State University Robert Van Beek CFP® FFP Anne ‘t Raadhuys, Financial Psychologist Neeske Abrahamse. Thanks to...

Financial Psychology in the Grocery Store

Financial Psychology in the Grocery Store Retailers make it difficult for us to make balanced financial decisions when shopping. Just think of the products piled up right in front of the checkout. Products that you actually did not want to buy but still disappear in...
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