Financial Psychology Institute Europe®

‘A (financial) belief is not a thought out idea about money your mind possesses.
It’s an unconscious based idea of finances and money that possesses the mind.’

Robert Bolton (bewerkt door A. Abbenes)

Financial Psychology

’Application of the Field of Clinical Psychology to Personal Finance.’ 
Focusing on beliefs around money which influences our financial choices and behaviors. Stimulating financial health, promoting financial & overall well-being.

Examines an individual’s personals relationship with money and how this moneyrelationship creates financial beliefs and impacts financial behavior. 
(Founding Fathers Dr. P. T. (Ted) Klontz & Dr. B.T. (Brad) Klontz)




Provide insight in psychological aspects and destructive financial behaviors which inhibit or decrease financial health and financial well-being. These aspects are universal cognitive / emotional biases AND personal financial beliefs. For example: biases and heuristics, financial stressors; financial fears; moneyscripts; financial comfort-zone; financial enabling; financial denial; overspending.

Integration of Behavioral Finance with other areas of psychology in order to establish client centered interventions. Implement those interventions efficaciously and (help others to) facilitate sound financial decision-making. And create a healthy relationship with money. 

Reduce financial stress and alleviate destructive financial behavior results in obtaining and to increase financial health. Thereby financial illiteracy will reduce and a healthy relationship with money will be created. Financial & overall well-being will improve!

Mind Money Meaning

Mission Financial Psychology Institute Europe®

Increase the understanding of how psychological aspects influence financial behavior and financial decision making.
Establish evidence-based interventions to obtain individuals & societies financial health and to improve (financial) well-being.
Educate financial professionals, mental health- and other professionals to work more efficaciously with clients.

We Carry Out Our Mission with: 

  • Research in the field of Financial Psychology, Financial Therapy, Behavioral Finance.
  • Develop evidence-based interventions in collaboration with various (international) institutions & organizations.
  • Develop educational & training material.
  • Facilitate establishing guidelines in regard of financial behavior. 
  • Advising governments according to financial health, financial literacy and financial well-being 

Evidence-Based Interventions to:

  • Addressing and alleviating money related psychological and emotional factors which inhibit / decrease financial and mental health.
  • Reducing financial fears and anxiety,
  • Addressing and alleviate destructive financial behavior.
  • Promote financial self-sufficiency.
  • Obtain and increase financial health and overall (financial) well-being.
  • Establish sufficient financial decision-making.

For Professionals in a.o.:

  • Financial Planning.
  • Banking and Insurance.
  • Mental Health.
  • Consultancy
  • Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Law services, Attorneys.
  • Law Enforcement
  • Education
  • Government Institutions.
  • Research for all these disciplines.

Financial Decisionmaking in Europe:

Finances are the number 1 cause of stress. There is a global lack of sufficient financial decision making. Financial problems & financial stressors lead to discomfort, psychological problems and even mental illnesses.  Most people experience financial problems after their divorce.


Financial Conflicts are the Number 1 Cause for Divorce. World wide


Of all Marriages end in Divorce. This holds World wide


of all Dutch Citizens Consider Hiring a Financial Planner


of all Citizens in West and North Europe Plan their Pension


of all Western Europe Citizens Know the Value of their Assets


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EU Moneyscripts

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