MONEY IN DIVORCE, Competences of the Divorce Professional

Arguments concerning money are the nr 1 predictor for future divorce. When a divorce settlement is reached, this causes often more arguments and financial problems.

Money matters in divorce reach further than dividing the assets. Conflict over money is more likely to remain unresolved compared to other marital conflicts issues

In the divorce procedure you meet all these unresolved marital money conflicts of your clients.

Like in marriage,  money in divorce is used e.g as a substitute for affection which is leaving with the future ex, punish the ex or attempts to prevent the partner from leaving.

Stress prevents sufficient financial decision making and enlarges inhibiting money beliefs.  Divorce equals the stress of having a car accident every day during 6 months.

In divorce the XXL version of money emotions and money beliefs are presented. Thereby money is the most ignored subject in the mental health field. Financial professionals have little to no training in conflict resolution and money psychology.


Bron: Disastrous Divorce Settlements, Abbenes, Financial Psychology the Recipe to Financial Health , Abbenes  2019 


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