Financial Psychology Institute Europe® is a non-profit organization!
We establish evidence based research in collaboration with other (international) experts.
Transforming research results into practice oriented tools, techniques, education & solutions.
Helping improve individuals & societies financial health & increase their (financial) well-being.

Financial Psychology Institute Europe® provides tools to:

Putting psychological aspects, research & knowledge to use in a practical and efficient way;
Identify general biases & personal beliefs which impacts & drives financial behavior;
Alleviating destructive financial behavior, financial stress & maladaptive financial behavioral patterns.
Improve & adjust financial behavioral patterns, creating a healthy relationship with money.
Promote sufficient financial decision making, financial socialization, healthy financial behavior & well-being.  
Build  a resilience relationship with clients.


The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® develops and provides information, training and (interactive) educational programs for companies, individuals, (consumer) organizations, (educational) institutes and universities. In collaboration with professionals from various fields we integrate knowledge with skills in our educational programs and training courses.

We are experts in the field of Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance. The Financial Psychology Institute Europe®  establishes  evidence based research, theoretical explorations and case studies. We  also provide Publications & Advice in the entire field of financial behavior and financial socialization. We are a platform for (international) experts & initiatives around financial behavior, financial literacy/socialization, money disorders, financial health & well-being. We also work with experts and professionals in various other fields. Our goal is (helping you to) facilitate financial health and improve individuals and societies financial well-being and financial literacy.

Be a lamp, or a lifeboat, or a ladder.
Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.



Lectures, Information Meetings for Individuals, Organizations & Companies

Research on Request , Advice & Projects for Companies, Government & Institutions

(Inter) National Research & Collaboration in the Field of Money & Behavior

Implementation of Financial Psychology i.c.w. Knowledge in your Organization or Business (Processes)

The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® develops and implement Financial Psychology tools and structures for organizations, their professionals & clients. We also integrate Financial Psychology tools and structures in your business processes and policies. Our policy, advice and education increases the financial behavior expertise of institutions and organizations.

The Financial Psychology Institute Europe®  also implements financial psychology interventions for schools, national and local government to promote financial socialization & financial literacy.   

We help organizations to understand and address the cognitive, emotional, behavioral and psychological factors that impact the financial health of employees and clients.  We help you to implement financial psychology tools and structures in your business process.

Education about financial decision-making is combined with knowledge sessions for professionals & organizations in various fields. This approach leads to effective practice oriented results. We advise you on substantive professional knowledge with implemented (financial) psychological aspects. 

In doing so, we let you & your employees experience the financial beliefs driven financial behavior of the client. But also your own financial beliefs and that of your  organization, your boss and your employees. Here too we provide you with practical advice.

Thanks to this unique combination your business processes, service, intervention, personnel policy or customer contact not only comply with current knowledge, figures and insights, but at the same time (dealing with) the financial beliefs driven behavior of employees and clients.


Training & Education for Professionals

The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® provides and develops tailor-made educational programs, training and courses for various educational institutes. We also develop and teach programs, seminars, including CE programs for (sector) organizations.

The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® develops and provides hourly, one-day and longer lectures and training courses, including training and seminars in which knowledge and skills are combined.

We are frequently asked to provide education and training in the entire field of Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance. These trainings & courses include topics such as biases that affect financial behavior, moneyscripts, money beliefs, financial behavior under risk & financial stress. As well as exploring and applying interventions to improve financial decision-making, financial literacy/ socialization and financial health of clients.

We also develop and provide team training courses (in combination with knowledge sessions) to allow your team to explore its own money beliefs. We provide specific training adjust to various professional fields. Amongst others: Financial and tax services, services in the field of Coaching, Mental Health services & Therapy. And also in the field of: Financial Planning, Banking and Insurance, Business Consulting. Professionals working in: Education; Law Services & Government. Also for professionals as Solicitors, Attorneys, & Judges.

Lectures, Information Meetings for Individuals, Organizations & Companies 

The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® provides lectures and information for consumers in which the combination of financial knowledge and financial behavior is central. We provide lectures and information for various (consumer) organizations and institutions. The lectures are practice-oriented and tie in with relevant social themes and current events.
The lectures are also tailor-made for your organization.

The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® provides advice & develops projects for Financial Socialization & of private households & individuals

We develop projects which enables individuals address their own money beliefs and promote sufficient financial decision-making .

Financial Empowerment & Financial Socialization
Building financial behavioral learning into activities that are already part of people’s lives will help reach more people. The workplace, community and health care locations, schools, social services and social media can all be important channels for building financial literacy. Working with organizations and leveraging their networks will help the strategy’s financial literacy initiatives reach more people at key moments in their lives. 

We provide tools that promote financially empowerment for making sufficient choices in such a way that finances are balanced, both in the short and long term. The financial psychological aspects of financial education helps to increase financial competences.
We also advice on the psychological aspects to make useful products for financial education, this requires a general description and elaborated support for the competences.

Financial Psychology & Financial Education
The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® develops educational materials to help children, students and adults increase their financial knowledge and skills.
We help institutions & organizations measure the effectiveness of their financial literacy programs and initiatives.
When individuals and organizations have the knowledge skills and confidence to make informed financial choices, their personal economic circumstances will benefit, and the economy and society as a whole will benefit as well.

Research on Request & Tailor Made Advice

Do you have a money and conduct issue? Do you want to optimize your business operations, implement money and behavior in your courses or do you want to have a specific research carried out in the field of, for example: money and behavior, Behavioral Finance, Financial Psychology or financial decision-making? The Financial Psychology Institute Europe® is a unique 100% independent partner with knowledge and experience in this field.

Financial Psychology Institute Europe® is the Expert in the field of money and behavior, financial health and financial well-being. Individual professionals, educational institutions, companies, (sector) organizations, local and (inter)national government can contact the Financial Psychology Institute Europe® with general as well as specific case histories. We conduct tailor-made research and are happy to think along with you!

Life events based research for Financial Literacy and Financial Socialization
Moving out on your own, buying a home, getting married, having children, divorce, living in retirement are examples of life events that impact financial matters. Just as being able to read opens a world of possibilities, financial literacy enables a person to better understand financial matters on both a personal and large scale. It enables people to apply that knowledge and assume responsibility for financial decisions now and in the future. the Financial Psychology Institute Europe® provide you with specific research, advice and tools drawn from your specific research need, for implementing your product and helping your clients.


(Inter)national Research & Collaboration in the Field of Financial Behavior.

Financial Psychology is an emerging field although still in the pioneering phase in Europe. As a pioneer in this field and an expert in financial health and financial well-being, the Financial Psychology Institute Europe® works closely with leading international researchers. Financial Psychology Europe also charts the research that has already been published and brings together international researchers.

Our knowledge and experience can also be used for other organizations, such as in the field of:

  • Social issues regarding money and behavior, money and health
  • Financial literacy and self-reliance
  • Customer experience in the field of finance
  • Financial issues in legal proceedings
  • Complaint handling
  • Financial / financially driven crimes
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Financial communication
  • Financial behavioral change
  • Debt counseling and poverty reduction

Financial Psychology Institute Europe®  also helps organizations measure the effectiveness of their financial literacy programs and initiatives.
By bringing together all of the research in a new way, we can make a difference in improving the long-term financial literacy & Financial health of Europe.

More than 50 countries have implemented financial literacy strategies and are starting to implement financial psychology into these strategies, including Australia and the United States.​ On a international level  the Financial Psychology Institute Europe® :

  • Collect cross-comparable data and evidence.
  • Develop research and comparative analysis.
  • Share experience and good practices.
  • Develop methodologies to measure impact.
  • Promote effective implementation and monitoring.
  • Design policy instruments.
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