Robert van Beek CFP® About Financial Psychology:

 “In Financial Psychology Robert has found the overarching mode of the integration of science and practice. Financial Psychology provides research, literature and interventions for addressing the source of inhibiters and problems in the field of financial health and financial wellness.  In the entire professional field of finance, mental health, law  and education Financial Psychology provides evidence based practice oriented tools.

Where until now various ‘big steps fast at home methods’ have turned out to be only symptom control. Financial Psychology creates effective ways to obtain and increase financial health, financial literacy  and financial well-being “


Robert currently serves on the board of directors for the Financial Planning Association® (FPA®), the principal membership organization for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER​™​ professionals and those who support the financial planning process. The primary goal of the FPA is to take (the profession) of financial planning to the next level. The FPA supports the development of high standards of professional competence, ethics, and clear practices to serve clients. 
He is also a member of CFA VBA Netherlands Behavioral Economics Commission , which underlines his passion for people behind the numbers, the importance of (financial) psychology and the associated behavioral finance.

 Robert is  (co)author  of various books (+20) and (co-) author of many articles in various professional journals, newspapers and digital publications. He covers topics in the field of finance, investing, risks,  financial decisionmaking, financial psychology, and behavioral finance. Robert van Beek is also an editorial member of The Journal of Financial Therapy.

 Robert  has more than 25 years of experience in financial services, is founder and director of About Life & Finance where he is active in the field of Financial Planning and Investment Consultancy. Robert lives in Belgium holds office in the Netherlands and assists clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and  further in Europe.  Therefore Robert experienced firsthand the level of financial literacy, financial health and financial wellness in whole Europe.

 In recent years, Robert has repeatedly asked himself:  ‘How do you get people” connected with their money and investment decisions?’ Because every step you take in your life has a financial consequence. As an independent consultant Robert has helped and guided in the last decade, countless individual clients as well as professionals & associations with these issues . ”

 Robert has also worked with companies such as: Aon, KBC Private Banking, MeDirect, Rabobank, Argenta, CompareTax, InsingerGilissen, WoltersKluwer NL & BE, ​​Books, Ortec Finance, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Roularta,, Inside ETFs, FundForum

Robert is also a teacher and a worldwide speaker at various organizations, events and universities. Not only to inspire but also to keep inspired yourself! Teaching means learning from your students at the same time. This also holds in the  interaction with clients.
Robert  is Program Director and Associate Professor of Personal Financial Planning at KU Leuven, the oldest and one of Europe’s high ranked Universities,  where he develops  and teaches a post master Financial Planning Program. 

Robert develops training courses and in (post graduate) education. Robert has extensive experience as a developer of exams and entry requirements/designation exams in the financial  sector such as DSI, where he developed exams and assessments as a member of the Advice and Examination Committee. These exams (MiFID and ESMA) are mandatory for investment professionals to obtain and maintain registrations, permits and licenses.

 Robert is able to combine his knowledge and experience with numbers and words with his unique quality in visual thinking. This results in a balanced overall view and beautiful results.


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