Meghaan about  Financial Psychologiy:

Working with Financial Planners Meghaan discovered the need, utility  and necessity to bring client-focused psychology into the financial planning process. Meghaan combines her love of people and pro-active mentoring with specialized financial support and literacy to change lives and lifestyles for the better.’ .
Financial psychology is the way forward. Where Behavioral economics told us what people do, financial psychology is actually telling us how to work with them. Financial psychology encompasses the client-advisor relationship and also the individuals and professionals personal relationship with money. Financial Psychology helps us recognizing behaviors and knowing what to do about them. Financial psychology supports the financial planning and advice process. Financial Psychology  can make the financial planning and advice process  easier and more fulfilling for clients as well for  their advisors. ’


Dr. Meghaan Lurtz, PhD, FBS®

Meghaan Lurtz, PhD, FBS® is a researcher, educator, and writer primarily focused on financial psychology. A former student of Dr. Brad Klontz, she received her PhD from Kansas State University in Personal Financial Planning. Meghaan’s research interests range from risk and risky decision-making to the impact of socialization, emotion, and life circumstances, such as both the feeling of time and financial scarcity, on the way individuals think about their financial decisions.

Meghaan has worked in a private client setting. However, most of her work is in a consulting capacity for financial advisors on not only client communication and building processes within firms that lend themselves to better client communication and client outcomes, but also better team communication between the financial advisors within a firm.

Meghaan is also an educator. She is a Professor of Practice at Kansas State University where she teaches undergraduate and masters students in the Personal Financial Planning program. She is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland University College in their CFP program. She is also the Lecturer of Financial Psychology at the new Wealth Management program withing Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies.. Meghaan developed  a curriculum for  high school students  that focuses on e.g. budgeting, financial communication, individual and family financial values

She taught and designed  a wide variety of continuing education programs and seminars for Certified Financial Planners and Financial Advisors. Meghaan also developed unique training programs in leadership, teamwork, and communication  for staff-members, management, and  new-hires.
Meghaan has a broad experience in developing projects for improving financial literacy. She worked with low-income individuals and families to address budgeting issues, money believes, behaviors.
Meghaan is also a writer and Senior Research Associate for, a blog dedicated to educating financial planners. Meghaan has at least one monthly contribution to the blog on a wide range of not only financial psychology topics but human capital topics as well.

With her background in Organizational & Industrial Psychology , Financial Therapy and Personal Financial Planning Meghaan is able to  integrate psychology with finance.. Meghaan is currently living in Spain, working both  in the United States, and Europe with the FPIE in Belgium and the Netherlands. Therefore Meghaan understands both US and  European Financial Mindset.  



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